Q&A 06-24-2021

  • 0:03 – I’ve been analyzing my stats for the last 2 months and am getting some engagement, I have found though that my Stories are not garnering any follows/shares/link clicks. Any ideas/suggestions to increase these specifically?
  • 0:10 – My goal is to use hashtags more effectively to gain more reach and engagement.
    – Do you have any suggestions on finding the right ones?
    – Also, do you have a system for storing them (ie. Google Sheets, etc.)?
    – How do you maximize the impact of hashtags?
  • 0:11 – It looks like there are new updates to Instagram for monetizing IGTV and Lives. However, it seems like you need to have a creator account.
  • 0:12 – Is there any downside to switching my account from a business account to a creator account?
  • 0:14 – What can you tell us about these new Instagram offerings?”
  • 0:15 – Are there “serious” reels? I feel like reels are for “fun stuff”, so I haven’t tried reels yet.
  • 0:16 – During a launch, do you follow story prompts as “usual” or do you shift for a launch focused content on all fronts?
  • 0:19 – Can you show us which one is the explore page? Is it the spyglass?
  • 0:21 – Do you think it is important to have a cover for Reels? I do sometimes, but not often.
  • 0:21 – I want to promote group events, but ended up getting unexpected 1-1 requests. Any tips on what I should post to attract group event attendees?
  • 0:26 – Should we aim for as many as hashtags or just a certain number of hashtags?
  • 0:26 – You mentioned using TikTok to grow. Do we direct TikTok followers to IG or to our site?
  • 0:27 – What are your goals with YouTube?
  • 0:29 – How do you feel about using Shop on IG? I’m not sure how it works. Do you think it would work for something like selling my book?
  • 0:30 – How can I connect my feed with my stories? I am finally gettin the hang of PSL, but I still stuggle with my content. I’m good on working on the know-like-trust factor, but when it comes to selling and be non-salesy is when I struggle the most.
  • 0:37 – How do you decide between doing a course launch or membership? I have a course that I want to launch and delaying because I think it will do better as a membership. I’m not sure how to decide which will be best.
  • 0:41 – How to we get on the launch bootcamp waitlist?
  • 0:42 – Would ULB be good to join if i’m still building my membership business?
  • 0:43 – I feel like I’m out of ideas for emails and videos. How do you keep everything so fresh?
  • 0:47 – Can you tell us the characteristics of an online course and a membership site? I am planning on courses that have a beginning and end, such as Gram Slam, but I also have member modes in which you pay monthly to have Access to the live sessions. How do I categorize my service?
  • 0:50 – Any tips for outsourcing?
  • 0:53 – What do you use for the background of your Youtube videos on your instagram feed?
    – Would be awesome to see how you use notion!
  • 0:55 – On outsourcing, what systems do you use to communicate/assign tasks? Like do you use Slack, Notion, Asana or others?