Q&A 07-15-2021

  • 0:02 – What would you do to jumpstart your business if you were a photographer starting over in a new state?
  • 0:04 – When is the Q&A date chosen and posted?
  • 0:05 – Are you running two launches simultaneously (UBL + TWL)? Or is ULB a lead up to TWL?
  • 0:07 – What do you do when you are feeling down/low? Like head filled with negative voices.
  • 0:09 – Do you think about your business when you are off? I have trouble relaxing these days
  • 0:12 – When you say you work 4 days a week, do you work a normal 8-hour work day or do you work more?
  • 0:15 – I have a service based spiritual healing business (eventually will have digital products and courses) but how do you launch a service? Would it be the same and I can think of it as an on-going launch?