Q&A 12-2022

  • 1:00 How do you price your offer? I offer 1:1 coaching and sometimes it’s a little frustrating because I feel like people in my area may not have the funds to allocate to 1:1 coaching, but then I don’t want to discount my rates too heavily where I feel like I could be resentful – I find I’m in a weird balance of really wanting to work with many people but also make sure my needs are met.
  • 4:49 What are your best ways to reach those outside of your area ? Especially when it comes to using ads/ etc
  • 8:20 If we make a video on TikTok, using its music, can we re-upload that video to IG or YT? I am concerned about copyright issue
  • 9:00 I’m invited on a podcast by my ideal client who has a big following of other ics. Any last minute tips to prepare?
  • 10:08 Does it matter what time a TikTok video is published?
  • 11:00 The podcast host asked me if there was anything they could do to support me, because I have been helping them and supporting them with many things in advance. What kind of support would you ask for?
  • 12:40 Wait, can you say it one more time about posting frequency on Instagram. Something about we don’t want to post 3 posts in a row? (Because I have some posts that need to go together, so I was going to do that)
  • 13:55 What are your best ways to promote a podcast? Especially in terms of reaching those ideal clients
  • 15:09 When it comes to anonymous testimonials, do we use “anonymous” or “student/client” as the “name”? (if there is a preference/recommendation)
  • 16:49 Anything I should not forget about my freebie? Just trying to check all the boxes.
  • 19:14 I want to be more on YouTube. Any tips or advice on getting started?
  • 20:41 At the moment, I just post the same reels to IG and TikTok, but the results haven’t been consistent (what does well on IG flops on TT). I am more familiar with IG, but now I am wondering if I should actually spend time on TikTok to learn what kind of videos work (but then again… it feels like anything works…?)
  • 22:30 Are there any questions/information that we should definitely ask when we are getting to know a client via a survey? For language learning, I definitely want to know what level they are think they are at, and whether they are learning how to write or just how to speak.
  • 23:48 Does account type matter on TikTok? I have a “regular account” and a “business account”. “Business account” can’t access any trending music anymore
  • 24:27 For instagram, is it better to be a creator or instagram businesss (as a coach) I feel like I can’t find any trending music as a business
  • 25:32 Could you please share the name of your microphone again please? I know you shared on stories, but I missed to write it down.
  • 26:05 Just sharing, the only “benefit” on TikTok is the scheduler for me on TikTok (but then again, just trying to find that silver lining because I regret converting LOL). I wanted to convert because I wanted to add a link. But I found out later, you can’t add it unless you have a registered business.

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