Today’s prompt is to ask your followers *one* question that you are *most* curious to know about them. If it’s possible to use the “poll” feature for a “this or that” response, then do that. If it’s not possible, and you’re looking for a more in-depth response, feel free to either use the questions feature *or* prompt them to send you a DM.

Tips & Hints:
Don’t be afraid to encourage people to reply to your story. Remember that if you show up vulnerably, and step an inch outside of *your* comfort zone to create this story, they are more likely to do the same. So for this story I highly recommend showing your face and using your voice instead of just using text!
Feeling Stuck?

Not sure what question you should ask? What’s something that you’re always curious about when it comes to your ideal client?

It could be related to objections – why haven’t they bought your product or service? What are their biggest concerns about joining? What’s holding them back?

It could be related to your industry – if you’re a hair stylist, you might ask them what they do to take care of their hair throughout the month when they’re NOT at the hairdresser.

It could be related to previous experiences with trying to solve the problem your offering solves. For example, if you’re a Beach Body coach, you may want to ask them: what have they tried before to take care of their health, feel good, and lose weight?