Day 1 – Choose Your Product

Today is all about choosing the product you want to sell for your holiday promotion.
If you’re selling coaching or consulting, avoid selling 1:1 services. Opt for either a group coaching package or, even better, a digital product that is already created.

🖥️ Why a digital product?
– A digital product scales. Your time and energy are not limited by how many you sell.
– It’s delivered instantly. For flash promotions, it’s best to have a product that someone can start using and implementing right away.
– The price is right. Black Friday sales were designed to generate quick income by offering steep discounts on products.

💖 Choose a product that’s already made.
– You don’t want to spend this time re-inventing the wheel.
– You can take an older product and spruce it up a bit, but otherwise, there’s no need to make a brand new one.

💰 Choose a product that’s under $100 (after discounts)
– The less expensive a product, the easier it will be for someone to make a quick decision.
– If your product is slightly more expensive anywhere from $100-$500, make sure to package it so that your customer/client feels like they’re getting a good deal.
– We’ll go more in depth on discounts and bonuses tomorrow so look out for that.