Day 1 – Create a quiz



Today, post a quiz to see how much your audience already knows about you. 📋😃

Make it relatively easy to answer questions (don’t make it too tricky or people won’t answer at all), but also take this opportunity to identify where there may be knowledge gaps with your audience.

👉 Here are some questions that you can ask: 

  • “What am I?”

  • “Who do I help?”

  • “What do I NOT do?”

  • “What is my product called?”

💡 Tip: Make a list of both the questions AND the answers before going into Instagram Stories.

Sometimes thinking of alternative wrong answers can be somewhat time-consuming, and will be even more frustrating when trying to do it “on the fly”.

✨ The purpose of this quiz is to identify areas where you may not be clear with your audience.

If you teach budgeting but your audience thinks your a tax consultant, you may need to create content that’s more about budgeting. Or if your a hair stylist but your audience thinks you also do makeup, you may need to be clearer about the services you provide.

After a few hours have passed and a few people have taken the quiz, pop back on and share the right answers.

📋 No one taking the quiz?

It could be that you have a smaller audience, or you may have the wrong audience. In either case, your goal should be to educate, educate, educate! Keep showing up and keep talking about what you do.

When you’re done with today’s challenge, head into the forums and let us know how you did in the community. Also, feel free to post if you have any questions. Can’t wait to see how you do today!