Day 1 – Gratitude



Welcome to Day 1 of the Money Manifestation Challenge!*
Today’s practice is all about GRATITUDE! Gratitude is being thankful for all things past, present AND future.

Whether or not you believe in a higher being (ie. God or The Universe), you can still practice gratitude. 😄

We are more likely to be generous towards someone who has an attitude of gratitude rather than an attitude of entitlement. So in the same vein, showing gratitude by saying thank you for all that you have will likely turn things in your favor. 🍀

🌟 Gratitude for the present

  • Be grateful for anything you take for granted such as your health, hearing, sight, etc.
  • Express gratitude for the ordinary everyday things such as a roof over your head and electricity.
  • Be grateful for the present moment.

🌞 Gratitude for the past

  • Acknowledge what has already happened.
  • Even if you “only” have 100 subscribers, be grateful for each individual person that has taken the time out of their day to sign up for your email list.
  • Even if you “only” made $100 this year, be grateful for the people who took their hard earned money and entrusted it to you.
  • Be grateful for both the big and small wins that you have experienced in your business, and all the wonderful moments that got you to where you are today.

🦋 Gratitude for the future

  • One of the keys to manifesting to what you want is to be grateful before you receive what you want.
  • When I was manifesting students for Gram Slam, I was very specific about how many students I wanted and how much income I wanted to generate.
  • I expressed gratitude by saying thank you for 500 new students and $40,000 in revenue. I said it over and over without changing the numbers.
  • Also express gratitude for the impact this will have. When I was manifesting students for Gram Slam, I was grateful that people were going to finally create Instagram Stories that connect with their audience and grow their businesses.

💖 Today, practice gratitude by saying it out loud.
Whether your believe in God, a higher being, or the Universe, simply express gratitude for what you  had, what you have, and what you hope to have in the future. Find a place that you feel comfortable and speak out your words of gratitude.

When you’ve completed today’s challenge, let us know in the community. Share the top 3 things you are grateful for. Connect with your fellow PSL members and say hello. We’re all in this challenge together!

* Disclaimer: This challenge is not a guarantee to bring in money. This is simply a fun challenge that shares the tips and techniques that I have used in the past to manifest money.