Day 1 – Review Past Content

Welcome to Day 1 of our Annual Content Planning Challenge!
We’ll start off this challenge by reviewing content from this year, 2021. Take a moment to look at what’s been happening this past year (or past 90 days). This challenge can be for any type of content – Instagram, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.
📲 What (types of) Instagram content is performing well? (best views, likes, comments, shares, etc.)
💻 Review your main, primary content
This includes blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. If you have any stats (such as downloads, views, watch time, etc.), make note of the best performing content.
Take a moment to reflect on these questions: 
💖 What types of content did you ENJOY creating the most?
What kind of content lights you up and is easy to create?
🙃 What types of content did you LEAST enjoy creating?
What kind of content is draining? What takes forever to create?
💞 What do you want to continue creating in 2022?
What content did well last year and you want to carry over into the next year?
✨ Going into 2022, what’s your main goal for content creation?
Do you plan on launching content? Do you want to create an evergreen funnel? Write those goals down.
Let us know how you did in the Facebook group. Feel free to share any revelations you learned or any reflections you found interesting.