Day 1 – Share your product

Welcome to Day 1 of the Launching with Stories Challenge! 🥳🚀
The goal of this challenge is to help you sell via Instagram Stories by doing a mini “launch”.  Each day this week will challenge you to sell your product or program by posting to your Instagram Story strategically. 🤩

Share Your Product

💁‍♀️ Today is all about sharing your product.
Introduce your product/program in detail with your audience! Talk about who it’s for, what it is, and what’s inside.
Example Story
Check out my story here where I share what’s inside Project Storyline. You do not have to follow this exactly. Instead, let it inspire you to create your own unique Story!
Tips for sharing your product:✍ Outline what you’re going to say first!
  • Even though we may know our program inside and out, it helps to have an outline
  • You can also “storyboard” how you want your Story to look before you post
  • Bonus: Use this printable cheat sheet to draw out your Story (text/emoji’s/gifs/etc.) before you go live.
👯‍♀️ Share your product as if you’re sharing a valuable resource to a good friend. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  • What do you love so much about it?
  • What makes it so amazing?
  • What would someone else say if they bought it and wanted to share it with their friends?
💝 Share what’s included in your program:
  • Outline exactly what they get when they sign up
  • Share it in a way that explains the benefits as well.
  • When you mention that they get a “community forum”, be sure to also say the benefit such as, “the forum is a chance to connect with fellow members!”
That’s it for today. When you’re done with today’s challenge, share with us inside of the community!
Let us know how you did – what was your biggest takeaway? Did you enjoy the Story example? We’d love to hear from you! 😄