Day 2 – Add Important Dates

Welcome to Day 2 of our Content Planning Challenge!
Carve out your big dates before you start your content plan. It’s easier to plan around these dates than it is to try to fit them into an existing content plan.
🚀 Do you have any major launch or promotion dates?
📅 Do you have any dates that you absolutely want to take off (yes, schedule those in)!
This includes events such as:
  • vacation days
  • weddings or major events.
  • concerts and other fun events
  • conferences
⭐  Do you have any dates that require more of your attention than usual, such as:
  • moving
  • back-to-school
  • kid’s activities
  • doctor’s appointments
🗓️  Plot these out into your calendar or planner.
Later in the challenge when we start scheduling content, this will help you see what dates you need to: plan ahead of time, schedule in advance, or avoid posting altogether.
Once you’ve listed out all your important calendar dates, let us know how you did in the Facebook group. Share some major dates for you coming up next year – feel free to share launch dates or even some fun dates (such as concerts or weddings you plan to attend)!