Day 2 – Create content buckets



Create Content Buckets

Create content buckets that are your main categories of topics. This is important because this will significantly cut down on wasting time figuring out what to post, while also making sure you’re sticking with topics that are valuable to your audience.

Think about your main area of expertise and then think of the different topics that fall under that. Tip: Feel free to use any of the categories in PSL as starter ideas for your main buckets.

Here are some examples to help get you started:

📸 If you’re photographer who wants to attract wedding clients, your content buckets may be:

  • Portfolio photos (types of photos you shoot)

  • Tips for booking a photographer

  • Do’s/don’ts of wedding photography

💻 If you’re a web designer who wants to attract online coaches, your content buckets may be:

  • Past client work

  • Tips for working with a web designer

  • Tips for making your website better

💰 If you’re a financial coach who wants to help people cut down on debt, your content buckets may be:

  • Tools to help with money management

  • Budgeting tips

  • Tax tips

Use this template to decide what your content buckets are:(copy/paste this into your preferred note taking program or simply jot it down in a notebook)I am a _____ [type of business owner] who helps _____ [type of client] do _____ [type of service/product you provide].Types of content that I regularly share are (list a minimum of 3, no more than 10):1.2.3. 

💡 Bonus Tip: These content buckets can also become highlights! If you ever create a high-value story that you want to keep, share it in one of your highlights. Once you’re done with today’s challenge, share in the community. Tell us what your main content buckets are. Also let us know if you have any questions or are getting stuck. We’d love to help you on your journey to becoming more consistent with your Instagram Stories. 💕