Day 2 – Curate categories

Woo hoo!! It’s Day 2 of the Strategic Story Highlights challenge! Yesterday we had you select your top 5 topics to use for highlights. Today, the goal is to curate Stories for each category.

Curate Categories

First things first, figure out what each category needs:
  • On a piece of paper, write out your top categories as columns.
  • For each category, write down which essential Stories need to be in each category. Here are some examples
    • For “About Me”, choose a Story that includes a basic introduction, what you do and who you serve
    • For “Portfolio”, choose which pieces you want to feature
    • For “Case Studies”, choose which clients you want to feature
    • For “Work With Me”, share exactly how someone can contact you
Some important things to note:
  • We don’t want to put in *every* single Story into a highlight category, or else it would be way too long.
  • Most people will likely click only on the first few Stories, so make sure the most important Stories show up first.
  • Highlights always show in chronological order, which means that the oldest Story will show first.
  • Make sure your call-to-action is towards the beginning of the highlight.
Need to create new Stories to fill in the gaps?
  • If you feel you need a new introduction or are missing some calls-to-action, feel free to create new Stories.
  • If you think people are going to think it’s out of place, you can share a quick intro saying you’re updating your highlights (and tell them to check out for them later!)
  • Don’t want to do these all today? Don’t sweat it! Put them in your calendar to film later. There’s no need to rush and do them all today.
To Add a Highlight
  1. Tap on the bar that says “Story Highlights”
  2. Add New
  3. Select the clips you want
  4. Add a name
  5. Add a cover photo (we’ll go more into depth in this tomorrow, so just choose a simple one for now!)
To Remove a Highlight
  1. Click on the highlight
  2. Remove the Story clips you no longer want for the highlight
  3. To remove the entire Highlight category, you must go back and individually select each highlight to remove it
There’s a lot packed in today’s challenge. Avoid overthinking it, and you can always jump in the community if you need any help! If you complete today’s challenge, let us know so we can check out how you did!