Day 2 – Meditation


Welcome to Day 2 of our Money Manifestation Challenge!
Today is all about meditation. This is an important part of my manifestation practice. It helps me clear my head. It helps slow your mind down. In terms of manifesting, helps make space and room for the things I want.

🔇 Find a quiet time & place

  • If you live with others or find it hard to find a 100% distraction-free environment, find a time where you’ll have the fewest distractions.
  • Find a place where you can sit comfortably.
  • Use noise-cancelling headphones and music to help drown out noise.

You don’t need to sit for a full hour

  • You don’t need to spend a lot of time to get the benefits of meditation.
  • If you’re just starting out, start with 5 minutes, then add more time as you feel comfortable.
  • The important thing is the quality of the time spent.

😌 Close your eyes, breathe, and reflect

  • Meditating is less about clearing your mind and more about observing your thoughts and feelings
  • Reflect on what your feeling in that moment. Ask yourself what is making you feel this way.
  • Think about how you want to feel. Ask yourself what can you do to get to that place.

🌟 Using meditation to help you manifest
Repeat these mantras to yourself to help you get in the mindset of manifesting money. You can also download and print them by clicking here and watch the video I made about them here.

  • I am 100% capable of making way more money in my business.
  • I believe the earth needs more kind-hearted, wealthy people. I’m ready to be one.
  • I trust myself with money. I am responsible with money.
  • My worth and value is my birth right. it does not come from money.
  • It is safe for me to want more money.

🧘‍♀️ There are no set rules for meditation.
Feel free to modify your meditation practice anyway you want. Go for as short or as long as you want, use music if it helps, sit or lie down – either way, do what works best for you!

When you’ve completed today’s challenge, let us know inside of the community. Let us know how it went or if you have any questions. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

* Disclaimer: This challenge is not a guarantee to bring in money. This is simply a fun challenge that shares the tips and techniques that I have used in the past to manifest money.