Day 2 – Poll your people



Poll Your People

Today is all about figuring out who is currently in your audience.

Using a series of polls 📊, ask questions that will help identify who is currently in your audience.

Keep in mind that this is not completely scientific. You are only capturing information from a singular day so it won’t be entirely accurate. Feel free to repeat this survey again later down the road (perhaps in another week or two).

Here are some different types of questions you can ask: 


Are you a:– option A is one type of occupation- option B is another type of occupation

The goal of this question is to figure out if someone is an ideal client in terms of what they do. For example, if  you help mothers work from home, you can even start by asking if they’re a mom who works from home or a mom who works in the office.


Do you struggle with [insert pain point]:– option A is yes, or some version of yes [all the time/absolutely/totally me]- option B is no, or some version of no [no/not really/not me]

The goal is to figure out if they have a problem that you can solve. For example, “Do you struggle with posting Instagram Stories?” If they vote yes, they’re an ideal client for PSL.

Which do you struggle with more:– pain point A- pain point B

The goal of this question is to narrow down your ideal client even further. Adding to the previous example, let’s add, “Do you struggle with making your Stories interesting OR do you struggle with posting consistently?” Your product could answer both pain points, but this will help you figure out what to focus on when it comes to marketing to these individuals specifically.


Would you rather have:– option A is a type of product/service you provide- option B is another service you provide

This is a great question to ask if you have different products for individuals at different stages (ie. beginner and advanced). This is also a great question to ask if you have different types of products (ie. dated planners vs. undated). 

Tips & Tricks

5️⃣ Keep it to a maximum of 5 questions.

Any more and you’ll get voter fatigue (people will naturally stop voting). Make sure your most important questions are toward the beginning.

👀 Keep an eye on the results over the next 24 hours.

Before you approach the 24 hour mark, be sure to SCREENSHOT the replies (just in case you can’t access them later via Insights.) It might actually be even better to screenshot results throughout the day just to make doubly sure.

😧 No one voting?

If you see that people are watching your Stories and NOT voting, go check their profiles out! See if they’re actually ideal clients or are just stalkers. If they are ideal clients, try engaging in some of their content – watch their Stories, vote in their polls, leave comments on their posts. This will help them be more reciprocal in the future.