Day 3 – Create a catalog of resources



Create a Catalog of Resources

Having a catalog of resources that are readily available can help cut down time when it comes to searching for particular assets. Today, create an easily accessible catalog of all the things you need to create an Instagram Story so you can avoid making excuses for not showing up.


Yesterday, we talked about content buckets. If you haven’t already, get clear on the type of content you want to share. In addition to that, here’s a list of other ways to gather ideas:

  • Your PSL Prompts! Just want someone to tell you what to post without having to think? Just log in to PSL and grab your daily PSL prompt. PS –> You can get reminders by signing up here.

  • “Answer the public” is a great place to go for ideas within your industry.

  • Also check out Facebook groups in your niche and see what people are asking.

  • Bonus tip: create a spreadsheet or document that has a list of post ideas. Bookmark it and reference it anytime you want to post something.

💖 Quotes, Mantras & Quick TipsWant to share a short story while adding value? Make a list of quotes and quick tips that you can easily share with your audience. These could be things that you’ve already shared before. It’s worth repeating if it’s something your audience regularly needs reminders of (for example, I’m always reminding you that “done is better than perfect!”)

🖼 PhotosCreate “Albums” on your phone with different types of photos:

  • Selfies – regularly take a few everyday, or at least whenever you do hair and makeup, so you have some readily available.

  • “Professional” photos –

  • Stock photos

  • Other photos (perhaps industry related)

🎨 Graphics

Similar to photos, create an “album” for any graphics that you frequently share. Note this is optional. If it takes you longer to create stories with graphics, then you can skip it.

  • product/program logos

  • image frame

  • popular .gif’s (alternatively, know the keyword to search for when you use the .gif sticker in Stories, such as “stars”, “hearts”, “fitness”, etc.)

When you’re done creating your catalog of resources, let us know in the community!