Day 3 – Create covers

It’s Day 3 of the Strategic Story Challenge and today, we’re designing our highlight cover images!

Create Covers

Today is all about creating on-brand covers for your Instagram Highlights!

These covers will represent what each category is about. You can use text, icons, or photographs to describe your category. Ultimately ask yourself, what type of cover will your *ideal client* find the most helpful?

How to Create a Cover

The simplest way to create a cover is to choose from your Story clips, however this doesn’t always represent what a category is all about.

Instead, design your cover outside of Instagram to get the most control over how your design looks. You can use a program like Photoshop for desktop or a web-based app like Canva (sign up for free here*).

Canva has templates that already have the dimensions that will allow your design to show properly in the Highlights circle. Check out free Canva templates here!*

You won’t be able to see any design outside of the circle unless you actually add it as a Story, so I wouldn’t worry to much of what appears outside the circle (although if you’re feeling creative, go for it!)

Design Tips

  • Use your brand colors!
  • The descriptive text below the cover art will cut off after 10 characters, so if you can’t get the whole title in ten characters, try using text in the graphic instead.
  • If you’re using text on your cover image, make sure it’s large enough to see on a small screen. The text is going to only going to be about a centimeter tall, so stick to 1-2 words max.
  • Be consistent where possible. If you’re going to use icons, stick with all icons. If you’re going to use text, use all text.

Once you’ve created your covers, share with us in the community. We’d love to check them out!