Day 3 – Create urgency

Welcome to Day 3 of the Launch with Stories Challenge! 🚀🤩
Today is all about creating urgency – the need to buy *right now*.


Create Urgency

💰 Your goal is to get people to open their wallet, pull out their credit card, and purchase your product TODAY.
Most people will not buy something until they *absolutely* need to have it right now. So, give them a reason to buy today.
💡 Some ideas to get people to by today include:
  • time sensitive discounts
  • closed doors
  • expiring bonuses
  • a combination of all 3 works really well
🌟 Example Story: Creating Urgency with Bonuses
Check out my Story here where I highlight all the bonuses you get when you buy Project Storyline *today*. Use it to inspire you for your own Story!
🤩 Show up high vibe and excited!
Now when it comes to sharing these on Stories, you want to come across as excited, not desperate. That means showing up high energy, high vibes!
Think of a car salesman who’s trying to sell you a car versus a new car owner who’s *excited* about their latest purchase. Notice the energy between the two. One is off-putting, while the other one is joyful. The new car owner does not care if you purchase the car or not – they simply are excited to share it with you.
When you are selling in today’s story, share as if you’re excited to share something with a friend.
When you’re done, share with us in the community! What did you use to create urgency? Did you make any sales? Can’t wait to hear how you did! 💖