Day 3 – Define Your Content Buckets

Welcome to Day 3 of the annual content planning challenge!
You may have already created content buckets, but now is a good time to review what buckets are worth keeping and what buckets could be tossed or added.
A content bucket is a category of content. These categories should help your audience know, like, and trust you, so that they may one day eventually buy from you.
🪣 Some of my content buckets are:
  • online marketing
  • Instagram tips
  • launching
  • personal content
  • mindset
💭 Some things to consider when creating your content buckets
  • think about the products you want to sell next year and what categories of content will help (eventually) lead to a sale
  • if you plan on doing a launch or major promotion of your product, consider creating a category for promotional content
  • create a healthy balance between selling content, authority-building content, and personal content
  • you can create your major content buckets (main categories) with mini content buckets (subcategories) for your content
✍️ If you already have content buckets:
  • write down what your content buckets currently are
  • put a star * next to the ones that you definitely want to keep
  • cross out the ones that no longer serve you
  • reevaluate if you want to keep the rest
  • decide if there is anything else you want to add
  • Content buckets are not set in stone
  • You can change and adapt your strategy as you go
  • If you get stuck, go with your first instinct and move on
That’s it for today!