Day 3 – Journaling



Journaling is a source of self-reflection for me. It’s about connecting with the feelings your currently have and the feelings you want to have.

Get your favorite pen and notebook and use these prompts to help you get started:

🎯 What are your goals?

  • Get clear on the goals you want for yourself and write those down.
  • If you’re not connecting with your goal – perhaps it seems too far out of reach or too easy, maybe you need to make your goals bigger or smaller.
  • Be specific – instead of, “more money”, write, “$10,000” or instead of, “more paying clients”, write “10 new paying clients”

🏋️‍ What will achieving those goals help you accomplish?

  • Aside from monetary gain, one of the effects of hitting my Gram Slam launch goals is that the students of the course will be able to reach more people and impact more lives.
  • Write down what positive effects achieving your goal will have.

🤔 What are some ways that you can make your goal happen?

  • Brainstorm some practical ways that you can help your vision come true.
  • Think outside the box. Feel free to jot down any unconventional ideas – they might eventually spark practical ones!

💖 Why do you to achieve this goal?

  • How will you feel when you’ve achieved your goal?
  • Why is this goal important to you?

Once you’ve completed today’s challenge, let us know in the community.

* Disclaimer: This challenge is not a guarantee to bring in money. This is simply a fun challenge that shares the tips and techniques that I have used in the past to manifest money.