Day 3 – Review your results


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Review Your Results

πŸ”πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Today is all about diving more into your ideal client by reviewing your poll results.Β Using [yesterday’s] poll results, see who answered “yes” to your relevant questions.

How to do this in Instagram:

  • Swipe up on your Story to view who has voted.

  • Select the “yes” option (or whichever option is related to the answer you’re looking for):

  • Click on each person’s profile and make note of anything that’s relevant to your business:

    • Their occupation

    • Their business/business type

    • Relative age

    • Gender

    • Type of content they share

Missing the poll results? Here’s a quick fix:

  • Add the Story as a highlight

  • Swipe up to see the votes

  • You can delete the highlight once you’re done.

  • You can also view insights if you have a business account.

πŸ€”πŸ’­ From there, draw insights about everything your ideal clients have in common.Β Compare your findings with your current offering(s).

  • Does your offer help solve your ideal client’s issue? (If not, how can you tweak your offering)

  • Does your offer address their pain points? (If not, can you add something to your offer?)

  • Does your content offer a quick win, that will eventually lead them to buy? (if not, rethink how you create content)

  • If your product is a physical product, decide if your offering is what your current audience wants. (If not, either find a new audience or modify your product in a way that attracts your current audience.)

πŸ’–πŸ§‘ The goal for today is to reconcile the answers you received with the product you’re currently offering. If it’s a mismatch, you’ll need to rethink either how you market your product or if your product is the right fit for your ideal client.

If it turns out that it IS a good fit, your next step will be to identify the best way to attract MORE of your ideal client. Figure out what is working (how did your current followers find you) and implement more of that.

Let us know how you did in the community. Is your product a good fit for your current following? Do you need to change/modify anything? Share with us your findings from today’s challenge!πŸ’–