Day 3 – Select Your Sales Dates




Set Your Sales Dates

Today is all about setting the dates of your sale!

📅 Set your promotional dates
– Most online businesses tend to run their holiday sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or during the whole weekend.
– You can opt to cash in on the momentum of Black Friday, when everyone is looking for deals OR you can opt to promote it later – entirely up to you. However, what is important is that you set the dates for your sale so that you can plan properly.
– Setting the date will help you figure out the timeline you will need to work backward and start generating leads before the cart open.

⏳ How long should it run for?
– It depends on the type of promotion, however for digital products $50 and under, flash sales are typically between 24-48 hours.
– If you’re running a longer promotion such as Black Friday – Cyber Monday promotion, you could have a bigger discount on Black Friday (such as 50%) and a slightly lower discount the rest of the weekend (40%).

🚫 Avoid long promotional periods
– Avoid anything longer than a week.
– Anything over a week starts to lose its excitement and your followers will burn out from prolonged sales messaging.
– The key is to get them excited in the days leading *up to* the sale.
– Tomorrow’s challenge is going to help you build up that excitement with a waitlist and first purchaser promotion!