Day 3 – Share a bold idea


Today’s challenge is to share a bold idea! Based on your comfort level, choose one of the topics below. I challenge you to go to the highest level you can.

Level 1: Share an unpopular opinion (on anything you want). ?
Do you think Android is better than Apple? Do you think Starbucks coffee is overrated? Share your opinion on a topic where you might get some pushback. Steer away from heavy topics like religious or politics (unless it is truly a strong part of your brand), and stick to lighter topics. But at the end of the day, state an opinion that  you believe will get people talking!

Level 2: Share an unpopular opinion in your industry. ?‍♀️
Share an opinion that is related with your industry. What are many people doing that you are not in agreement with? Confidently state why you feel this way.

Level 3: Share a bold ambition. ?
What’s a secret ambition of yours that you’ve been hesitant to share because you’re afraid of what people might think? Do you want to be a billionaire? Do you want to take up ballet dancing? Do you want to live on your own private island? Also share the story behind why you want to do it. Whatever it is, share it loud and proud.

What does this have to do with confidence?
We have a tendency to want to be liked, so we share things that we thing people will like. Today, your challenge is to share something that people may not like – and more importantly, stand your ground. If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone.

Today’s confidence quote is, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” – Dita Von Teese

Good luck with today’s challenge! When you’re done sharing, let us know how it went. Can’t wait to hear your bold ideas!