Day 4 – Celebrate buyers

Welcome to Day 4 of the Launch with Stories Challenge!🚀🤩
Today is all about celebrating those who have purchased! 🥳

Celebrate Buyers

Social proof is a great way to get your audience to see that real people – just like them – have purchased your product. Here are some ideas to celebrate your buyers:
🟨 The Post-it Note Wall
  • Do you remember my Post-it note wall? People LOVE this and you’re more than welcome to steal this idea and make it your own.
  • 🌟 Check out my story hereto see how I celebrate buyers with my famous Post-it note wall!
🥇 Celebrate with milestones!
  • If you expect to have around 20 or so buyers for a higher ticket program, feel free to shout out each one individually (I did this for my Together We Launch program).
  • If you have a lower ticket item and expect to have quite a few purchasers, you can shout out buyers at intervals. I started out with the 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th buyer. Then I moved into the hundreds – 200th, 300th, etc.
📲 Share “I JUST JOINED!” Stories
  • On your thank you page, encourage buyers to celebrate and share that they’ve just joined your program.
  • We have a special “I just joined” graphic for our programs including Project Storyline and Gram Slam (check out the PSL graphic here).
  • People can save it to their phone and add their username in the blank space. Then they tag us so that we can re-share their story.
  • Have a program where people don’t want to be called out by name? Some people just don’t want to be called on stories. Feel free to celebrate with, “We have a new member joining us!” or “The 5th person just joined! Will you be next?”
💃 Dance Party
Anytime you hit a milestone (ie. the 10th member or the 100th member), do a little dance party! Have a party hat, balloons, or even just a fun filter. Feel free to use the music sticker to create excitement! 🥳🎉
When you’re done with today’s challenge, let us know in the community. Let us know how you did! How was the challenge for you this week? Did you all four days? We’d love to know! 🥰