Day 4 – Simplify your stories


Simplify Your Stories

Avoid overthinking your Stories in general. If the goal is consistency, make sure you’re making it *easy* to show up.

Here are some tips to simplify your stories, while also cutting down on the time it takes to create them.

📋Create an outline

Avoid rambling and wasting time by creating a quick, simple, 3 point outline on what you’re going to say. Many of the PSL prompts come with a basic outline. You can use these outlines or copy/paste this template whenever you need it:

  • INTRO: Hey friends, today I want to talk to you about _____ [subject].

  • PURPOSE: This is important/significant because _____.

  • STEPS: So here are the tips/steps:

    • Point 1

    • Point 2

    • Point 3

  • CONCLUSION: I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you think! [insert poll or question sticker to boost engagement]

🔠 Stick with one main font/look

  • If you’re used to using 2 or more fonts in your stories, try sticking with one. It can be time consuming switch and back and forth, so just use one and leave it.

  • If you want to decorate your Stories, keep the “decorating” (.gif’s/stickers/pen tool) to a minimum. Choose one element that you want to keep similar throughout and don’t worry about the rest.

🤔Don’t overthink it

  • Stop re-filming and overanalyzing your Story.

  • Film in one take and leave it alone – done is better than perfect!

  • Alternatively, film one sentence a time — that way you know where you messed up, you can quickly refilm, and keep going. This prevents you having to re-watch your Story, re-film the entire thing and/or edit out any mistakes.

💗Other ways to simplify:

  • Keep the whole story under 5 minutes.

  • Mix in “simple” stories with “high value”. It’s easy to get burnt out by showing up on a 10/10 everyday. Some days, give yourself permission to post just one photo or one tip or one quote.

The more you consistently stick to these steps, the more likely you’re consistently going to show up in Stories overall. That’s all for this challenge!