Day 4 – Visualization


Today is the last day of the live challenge and we are talking all about visualization.

Visualization is a form of meditation where you are envisioning the life that you want for yourself. Picture it as though it has already happened for you. 📷

💛 Before you begin:

  • Similar to meditation, find a nice quiet spot that you can sit in.
  • Do your best to get in a positive state of mind – feel free to put on some good music to get you pumped up.
  • Close your eyes while doing this exercise to really help you picture what it is that you want to see.

💭 Picture what it is that you want:

  • Get clear on exactly what you want to achieve.
  • For example, I envisioned 500 people joining Gram Slam and $40,000 of revenue.
  • Stay consistent by envisioning the same number of sales and income – if you keep changing up the numbers, it creates uncertainty, so decide on specific numbers and stick with them.

Picture what happens when it does happen:

  • Picture everything happening with ease.
  • Picture every detail you possibly can.
  • For example: what do the notifications look like when you’ve made a sale, what does your office look like, who are you celebrating with when you hit your goal?

🤔 What happens if things don’t turn out the way you want?

  • If you feel doubt fighting you every step of the way, go back and journal and meditate on where this source of doubt is coming from.
  • If you’re trying to manifest $1,000,000 overnight, you’re going to have a lot more resistance than if you tried to manifest $1 overnight.
  • It’s okay to dream big, but be more realistic about your timeline.
  • Finally, detach from the outcome. Be willing to accept that whatever happens is the best thing for you in that moment and truly believe that everything will turn out for the best.

Once you’ve completed today’s challenge, let us know in the community!

* Disclaimer: This challenge is not a guarantee to bring in money. This is simply a fun challenge that shares the tips and techniques that I have used in the past to manifest money.