Day 4 – Keep it simple

Keep It Simple

Here are some ways you can embrace simplicity to save EVEN MORE time:

→ 📋 Keep edits to a minimum! I love a creative drawing or elaborate typography as much as the next person, but when you’re short on time, focus on substance over style.

→ 🔠 Use the caption sticker.  With the recent addition of the caption sticker, you no longer need to manually add text. However, if you don’t have this option…

→ ✨ Use short & sweet summaries on videos. You don’t need to type out a word-for-word transcript; it takes too long, and usually you can get the point across in way fewer words.

→ 1️⃣ Stick to one font! Substance over style – multiple fonts and copy styles will just make your stories take that much longer.

→ 📲 Stay in IG Stories for the whole process! I know there are some GORGEOUS story template apps and filters out there, but honestly they just slow you down. Take advantage of the AR filters and built-in features in IG Stories.

All of these will help you KEEP IT SIMPLE and become an absolute Story machine!!

As a bonus challenge, try all FOUR time saver techniques: create an outline, set a timer, go with your first take, and keep it simple for one EPIC time-saving exercise!