Week 4 – Share a sweet treat

This week’s prompt is all about something sweet

Break things up and talk about your favorite summer sweet treat!

Tips & Hints

Share a memory that you’ve had with this treat…
– Get creative with this memory!
– Where were you?
– When was it?
– Who were you with?
– What sights, sounds, and smells were around you?
– What does this treat taste like?
– Describe the texture of it.
– What feeling does it give you when you bite into it?

Feeling Stuck?

Here are some other talking points to help you with this prompt.
– What is your favorite frozen treat? (popsicle? ice cream? snow cone? slushie?)
– Why do you prefer it over other treats?
– Who makes the best popsicle/ice cream/snow cones/etc.

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